About us

An Initiative taken in 2005-2006 with name "Brain Dynamics" by founder Mr. Nilesh B Gore in order to serve and help people from across the world for their Betterment, Success and Wellness with extensive tools, methods, Skills and solutions in practical psychology and graphology.

 Now in 2008 we changed to "SUCCESS AND WELLNESS"  (www.successnwellness.com ) with motto to help you more dynamically and intensively to bring real success n wellness (health n relationships) in your personal and professional life.

Now we are dedicated and more empathized towards nature and the environment, we are working for the " WELLNESS of the nature " too and equally creating an social awareness for the nature care.

At Success and Wellness Institute, We Think and Act Beyond to make you the best, To Shape your  confidence n character, To Realize the Difference, within you, To sketch the preview of your success, to make you successful in personal and professional life, to make successful in career by using our SPECIALIZED Tools, skills, abilities and dynamics in psychology and graphology with easiest n effective ways n methods..

Success and Wellness Institute is a place where whatever we do is an commitment to you to bring significant fulfillment to every area of your life and We help you uncover the fascinating capabilities, predispositions and talents you were born with. It is your gateway to creating a happy and rewarding life.

We help...  Kids, Students, Aspirants, under graduates, Graduates, Post-Graduates, Parents, Managers, Entrepreneurs & Owners, Professionals, Executives, Practitioners & HR, Doctors, Engineers, CA & CS Employees, Husband and Wife / Parents, Lawyers, Accountants, Businessmen, Software Professionals, Housewives, Marketing & Sales Managers, Advertising Experts and so on………. ... helpful for everyone from across the WORLD.

We help genuinely just about every one using Essential tools n skills for an excellent career! Success n Wellness Institute gives you important things like Personality Tests, Personality Assessment, SWOT analysis, Personal Development, Self improvement, practical psychology, Graphology, management training and career development skills. This is the MASTER key for personal Success, personal change, growth & way to an Contained life!

We proudly termed us as Success n Wellness Institute, and its not just a caption it has a concept behind it. More than the concept our mission is to make you more successful by enriching your mind and unleashing your potential to make the concept happening. 

"Supreme Thought"
To change the way of thinking, to see things differently and to make you a person with difference and this  is the motto of our free email newsletter known as "Supreme Thought".
It contains inspirational, Motivational, Empowering and self-growth Short Stories, articles, Excerpts and other resources to help to develop personal success and for the processes of recovery and growth. 

The absolute essential element for getting the most out of success & life! You owe it to yourself to investigate the immense and awesome power you have. Either you knew it & Have it or you don't. Think about it, Think Success n Wellness Institute.

You may develop the mind, its fine. You may Develop the body, it's fine. But its Success n Wellness Institute who develops your "Real - Self"

Success n Wellness Institute - Makes you more successful by Enrich Your Mind, Unleash Your Potentials.