The Success and Wellness Institute is practicing and promoting higher standards of graphology and therapy related to it. Graphology is the science of understanding the human mind through personís handwriting and Signature. Take a look at the following simplest illustration.

Your Brain


Brain generate impulses and passes these impulses to your hand. These impulses get imprinted on paper or on writing media through the Pen by the fingers.


These impulses can be in the form of  letters, numbers and  Symbols - are interpreted by the technique called as Handwriting Analysis  and the science behind it is Known as Graphology.

Using graphology we can know a person's mind so the thoughts, character, behavior,  mental and physical health.

We express our personality in words, actions and gestures. Handwriting, more than any other form of non-verbal communication, provides permanent graphic indicators to personality. A sample of handwriting is as complex as the person who wrote it: A brief appraisal will provide a personality snapshot. A detailed study will give an accurate personality portrait.

Person's true nature is evident from his/her writing. Graphology has long been accepted as a scientific approach to study and interpret a person's character from handwriting. Graphology is an empirical science and not just an intuitive method of studying character. it is  for the betterment of present and tomorrow, not for the prediction of the future.

Graphology is used for following things,

1. Understand yourself much better
2. Child development
3. Career Selection
4. Selecting Life-Partner
5. Selecting Business Partner
6. Employee Selection / Recruitments
7. Criminology
8. Graphotherapy



Benefits of Graphology

Graphology is the science that is directly in relation with everyone, for the individuals and the corporate world. Benefits of graphology are highly effective, No matter whether you are a child or a grandfather or grandmother, married or single, Employee or owner - it is for everybody and will help you at any time. take a look at the benefits in details as follows, you may choose above tab for reading personal / individual benefits and benefits for the corporate world.



Benefits for Individuals

Everybody wants to know more about inner personality of others, Especially people with whom you are dealing and people whom you like, dislike, adore & love.

Nothing is great than knowing thyself and there is a method for this also, i.e. the science of Graphology, which can make you read a person like book.


1: Personal Change & Self Improvement- Understand yourself much better

Every person has three personalities, the one that we show to the world, Second is what we actually have, and third one is what we think we are and we have. It is fact that most of the people do not understand themselves.
 Graphology helps  to know person's Strength & Weaknesses & see himself in totally new light. It can reveal various problems & its reasons  associated with the past life. Graphology can help in understanding & removing the mental blocks to achieve greater personal & professional success.

2: Child Development

Every childís mind is programmed in the childhood by the influence of the male and female images in the childís life, usually the parents. Parents can understand their children in a better perspective & will come to know there strengths , weaknesses, likes, dislikes, Skills way of thinking, health & influence of their parents on him and can mould them to enhance their hidden skills for becoming better responsible individuals of tomorrow.

3: Career Selection and betterment

Our Graphology helps you to uncover you hidden soft skills and hard skills, talent, creativity, abilities, capacities, potentials and weaknesses. You will do much better in your career only when you know about your self completely. You will be able to select career or career options as per your skills, abilities and intelligence. If you are pursuing career objective then it will help you to be better n better to be on the top.

4: Selecting Life partner

There is huge difference between a boyfriend and husband I repeat ďThere is huge difference between a boyfriend and husband ď Before marriage boys promises the moon & stars but latter the girl gets disappointment , the picture after marriage is not the rosy n spicy. Graphology can help in selecting the right partner as per the true picture of Boy / Girl.

5: Selecting Business partner

What if your business partner is good starter and poor finisher ? What if he is a big deceiver? What if he canít face pressure ? selecting Business partner is equally important as life partner. Graphology can help you to select right business partner who can take right decisions & actions at right time.



Benefits for Corporate Sector

It is quite impossible to rearrange all the words with jut 24 letters, similarly - a company, organization or firm or any business doesn't grow without employees and partners. Graphology has great potential in recruitment, Business partner selection, Employment profiling, self-realization, motivation, appraisal and counseling. It also  helps  you to create a stronger and appropriate team, which basically is the foundation for progress of any organization. Graphology is very useful in following activities,

1: Selecting right Business partner

What if your business partner is good starter and poor finisher ? What if he is a big deceiver? What if he canít face pressure ? selecting Business partner is equally important as life partner. Graphology can help you to select right business partner who can take right decisions & actions at right time..

2: Selecting right Employees

Graphology can help in selecting right peoples for the right job. E.g. if a company wants to recruit excellent team players or chemical analyst, creative artist, etc. Graphology can help in identifying these individuals by / via their handwritten samples & this can easily benefit the individual & organization.

3. Human Resource
4. Workplace relations
5. Public Relation
6. Customer Care
7. Creating Teams / Groups Etc.
8. Management Level



Why our Graphology course is different and distinctive?

At The Success and Wellness Institute, Course is designed to make a positive personal change. Our primary objective to teach Graphology is for your personal growth. You will understand others only when you know much about yourself.

We have our own principles and hence it is open to any individual of any age (from 14 to max living age). We don't like binding good things in age and qualifications. Success n Wellness Institute is the only institute in the world who just don't teach you the course, but dedicated to serve the course with maximum possible knowledge.

Topics we cover in our course are highly distinctive, so as to serve you the pure and in-depth science of graphology in the simplest way. That's why our students feel positive change from the first day.

There are lots of courses and books available in the market, the big difference we have is that they have explanation and we have explanation with the reason and origin of the reason.

We don't just teach formations and traits associated with it, But our prime objective is to take you to the roots (extensively in depth) to know and understand the causes and effects of the outcome from the formation of the handwriting, because every outcome has a reason. Our course has potential to expose hidden reason, and perhaps its singular in the world.

You will also come to know about the good things within you  and to polish them for the best. you will understand behavior,  psychology, mindset, physical and mental  health of your own and others. you will know things that can truly speechless, that no book in the world will teach you.  

This is the scope and difference of our course, ultimately,
The Best Graphology Course in the World.

We provide extensive Graphology in 3 degrees i.e. Basic, Higher and Advanced. You can learn them step by step as per the convenience of your time. In advanced level we teach Graphotherapy, again it is special because we teach in conjunction with other methods for the betterment of Mind and the Body.




Graphotherapy, is a therapy using extensive science of Graphology. In other words, it is a process of programming your mind and body to generate positive changes in mental health and physical health.

We are specialized in Graphotherapy and we made it very simple, So that any individual of any age can take benefit from it. It is not necessary to be a patient to undergo Graphotherapy.

Other important factors of our Graphotherapy are Cost effective, Less time duration, Simple, No age limit  No pain and no medicine.

Take a look at the brief explanation of our specialized Graphotherapy, as follows,

What is our Specialized Graphotherapy


Our Graphotherapy mainly includes handwriting, Mind and body and then the other factors. Handwriting is called as brain writing; because our Subconscious mind designs our brain, brain generates impulses or signals and passes these impulses via nervous system to our hand and gets imprinted on the paper through the pen by the fingers

Handwriting is psycho-neural muscular activity that helps to integrate conscious and subconscious mind. Graphotherapy distills, crystallizes & clarifies process of thinking and the flow of thoughts. That's why Thoughts become action, action becomes habit and habit becomes character.

In Graphotherapy we provide exercise for your mind because to think and imagine is a function of a conscious mind and the subconscious mind controls & determine the way we behave. By using Graphotherapy we can control and program the thinking and acting or behaving process of the brain.

Process of Graphotherapy involves the nervous system, muscles and the supporting vital organs  and the connected vital organs of the body. 

Our Graphotherapy can control and balance your moods and emotions, It simply means; more the control & balance means sound mind and sound body. Our Graphotherapy Enriches your mind, unleashes your potentials and makes you more and more successful in personal and professional life.

Why we are calling "OUR GRAPHOLOGY"?
Because it is only of a kind, unique and singular.


We are immensely specialized in Graphotherapy
for Child Development

Do you want to uncover, explore and polish the  genius in your child?