Graphotherapy, is a therapy using extensive science of Graphology. In other words, it is a process of programming your mind and body to generate positive changes in mental health and physical health.

We are specialized in Graphotherapy and we made it very simple, So that any individual of any age can take benefit from it. It is not necessary to be a patient to undergo Graphotherapy.

Other important factors of our Graphotherapy are Cost effective, Less time duration, Simple, No age limit  No pain and no medicine.

Take a look at the brief explanation of our specialized Graphotherapy, as follows,

What is our Specialized Graphotherapy

Our Graphotherapy mainly includes handwriting, Mind and body and then the other factors. Handwriting is called as brain writing; because our Subconscious mind designs our brain, brain generates impulses or signals and passes these impulses via nervous system to our hand and gets imprinted on the paper through the pen by the fingers

Handwriting is psycho-neural muscular activity that helps to integrate conscious and subconscious mind. Graphotherapy distills, crystallizes & clarifies process of thinking and the flow of thoughts. That's why Thoughts become action, action becomes habit and habit becomes character.

In Graphotherapy we provide exercise for your mind because to think and imagine is a function of a conscious mind and the subconscious mind controls & determine the way we behave. By using Graphotherapy we can control and program the thinking and acting or behaving process of the brain.

Process of Graphotherapy involves the nervous system, muscles and the supporting vital organs  and the connected vital organs of the body. 

Our Graphotherapy can control and balance your moods and emotions, It simply means; more the control & balance means sound mind and sound body. Our Graphotherapy Enriches your mind, unleashes your potentials and makes you more and more successful in personal and professional life.

Why we are calling "OUR GRAPHOLOGY"?
Because it is only of a kind, unique and singular. 


We are immensely specialized in Graphotherapy
for Child Development

Do you want to uncover, explore and polish the  genius in your child?