MBA -  Distance Learning
  Masters Program in Business Administration

Synergy Institute of Management - Pune, is conducting 1yr and 2yr Distance Learning Program in MBA and which is "Masters Program in Business Management".

Every person has three personalities, the one that we show to the world, Second is what we actually have, and third one is what we think we are and we have. It is fact that most of the people do not understand themselves. Our Personality Assessment is unique and helpful for every person.


Marketing, Human Resource Development, Finance, Manufacturing

Medium of Learning 


Eligibility Criteria

  Graduate of any stream OR 3 years Diploma OR Company Sponsored Candidate.  

Batch Starts From 

  January/April/July/October of every year.

Total Subjects



  1 year / 2 year

Course Fees

25,000 which Includes (course fees + Examination Fees + prospects + TD& PDP +    Processing Charges)


you can pay lumsum or in 3 installments 0f 10000,10000 & 5000 after  every six months.

Exam Center

 The Success and wellness Institute - Bhusawal



Syllabus for MPBA  

Here is Syllabus in detail with all subjects with difaferent specializations. Syllabus for 1st year is common to all specialization / branches, syllabus is different from 2nd year of every branch. Also note that Soft Skills Training program is also part of all specializations.


Year One  - First Semester

Year One Second Semester


     1.    Principles & Practices of management


7.   Organizational Behavior

     2.    Basics of Communication skills

8.   Managerial Economics

     3.    Basics of Accounting

9.   Management Information System

     4.    Basics of Marketing

10. Human Resource Management

     5.    Quantitative Techniques

11. Materials Management

     6.    Research Methodology

12.  Economic Environment of Business





Third Semester


Fourth Semester

      1.     Sales Management

      2.     Distribution Management

      3.     Marketing Research

      4.     Service Management

      5.     Industrial Marketing

      6.     Rural Marketing

      1.     Brand Management

      2.     Marketing Communications

      3.     Event Management

      4.     International Marketing

      5.     Customer Relationship Management

      6.     Retails Management



Second Year FINANCE

Third Semester

Second Year FINANCE

Fourth Semester


      1.     Financial Management

      2.     Direct Taxes (Personal)

      3.     Direct Taxes (Corporate)

      4.     Risk Management

      5.     Legal & Procedural Aspects

      6.     Strategic Financial Management


      1.     Merchant Banking and financial services

      2.     Indirect Taxes

      3.     International Finance

      4.     Strategic Cost Management

      5.     Portfolio Management

      6.     Financial Control



Second Year HRM

Third Semester

Second Year HRM

Fourth Semester


      1.     Training and development

      2.     Labor Laws I

      3.     Labor costing & Compensation

      4.     Performance Management System

      5.     Personal Administration

      6.     Industrial Relations



      1.     Organizational Development

      2.     Safety & Services Management

      3.     Industrial Psychology

      4.     Strategic HR Management

      5.     Labor Laws II

      6.     Outsourcing & Personal Management





Third Semester


Fourth Semester


      1.     Operations Research

      2.     Performance Management System

      3.     Labor Laws I

      4.     Industrial relations

      5.     Basics of ERP

      6.     Customer relationship Management.



      1.     Supply Chain Management

      2.     Production & Planning Control

      3.     Industrial Psychology

      4.     Safety and services Management

      5.     Pneumatics & Robotic control

      6.     Labor Laws II




Soft Skills Training and Development


       Training makes you more employable by improving employee efficiency so as to meet industry and corporate specified requirements.   Soft Skills Training and Personality Development is one of the most Important part of MBA.  It is a part of your SY /1yr  MPBA course.



      1.     Personality Development

      2.     Time Management

      3.     Decision Making

      4.     Failures Management

      5.     Communication Skills

      6.     Workplace Skills

      7.     Presentation Skills



      8.       Career Management

      9.       Team Building

      10.    Leadership Skills

      11.    General Psychology

      12.    Failure Management

      13.    SWOT analysis

      14.    Interview Skills




Admission Details

Take a look at following details.....

1 You have to complete Assignments (40% Score will add in result per sem.)
2   60% marks of Semester exams
3   We need Attested photocopies only.
4   Photocopies of 10th, 12th, Fy, Sy, Ty, TC / LC & graduation / diploma certificate
5   6 photographs required
6   You can do DUAL & TRIPLE specializations by submiting additional Rs.10000/-
7   You will get notes and books from Institute
8   You will get soft skill & Personality development training
9   MBA Course is Autonomous course of SIM- Pune
10   Admission are open in January, April, July and October.
11   You can submit fees by DD/ Cheque / Cash.
12   Email us for more information -
13   You have to follow rules & regulations made by DLP Center.
14   Institute updates the syllabus on regular basis.
15   Fees is not refundable.
    Download Application form -