Career SWOT, Assessment & development
 Uncovering Factors for your Professional Success

Career SWOT and assessment designed to create & develop higher standards in something you do by uncovering, Exploring and determining factors to your professional success. It focuses to eliminate the problem areas in your career or profession. 

Success and failure in many field is caused by the mental attitude than the mental capacities. Many peoples have more knowledge & ability than they aware about it & use it.

Success and Wellness Institute believes that  lots of people having outstanding ability, but they are not performing at their capacities & outstanding abilities, so that he will not get what he is looking for. Whether you're a graduate or a rocket scientist, you can't create the absolute difference till you don't sharpen your professionalism. If you not specialized you will not be recognized. Reveal your absolute insight, Eminent abilities and know where you are lacking to be a specialist, eliminate your weakness to be distinctive in your career or profession.


Career Development (SWOT & Assessment)

Career Development at the Success and Wellness Institute  is the step-by-step process of choices made and changes experienced by a person during his or her lifetime, particularly as they relate to their impact on major roles. It is primarily a lifelong effort to establish or confirm and then maintain appropriate direction and balance in life. CD helps students to discover their interests, talents, abilities, and the different ways these talents and abilities might be used.

It helps students to develop the knowledge, skills and positive attitudes that will help to enhance their marketability, helps prevent career decision-making problems in that it increases a student’s readiness. Who you are as an individual: This includes your self-concept, interests, skills, knowledge, personality, ethnicity, age, gender, ability, disability, health, beliefs and sexual orientation. For example, your choice of hobbies reflects your interests and abilities.

In adolescence, career exploration is based on identifying interests, abilities, capacities and values; learning about the world of work through observing adults at work; participating in the workforce; and accessing career resources and programs.

As an Adult, CD becomes more intricate. Choices are made regarding lifestyle, the life roles you take on, learning pathways, changing career direction, employment/unemployment, enterprise opportunities, and many other personal life events.


Benefits of Career SWOT & Assessment

There are lots of benefits and advantages of Career SWOT for your success and betterment, Few of them are as follows,

1 Improves career prospects and professionalism 
2 Makes your attitudes, aptitudes, beliefs, Self-Esteem more stronger 
3 Uncovers your exact problems,  negatives n weaknesses 
4 You will come to know where you are n what more you can do. 
5 It shows your Success Quotient in your profession 
6 Helps to build more realistic and fact-full attitudes 
7 It tells you master elements for your profession to drive it well
8 Develop strategies to achieve your goals
9 It discover a person's behavioral strengths and ability to work in teams. Builds your hard skills and soft skills
10 It helps YOU understand the relationship between your personality and your financial decision-making 
11 It helps you uncover your skills, interests, and your personality and where you might fit into a particular profession.
12 and lots more

Only by using the power and potential of Success and Wellness Institute. Advantages are perhaps  countless, It uncovers your every aspect that is related to your personal and professional life.




 Career SWOT & Assessment  is helpful for

Career SWOT at Success and Wellness Institute is Distinctive and committed to bring significant fulfillment to every area of your career or profession and We help you uncover the fascinating capabilities, predispositions and talents you were born with. It is your gateway to creating a prosperous and rewarding profession. It is helpful for

1 Students n aspirants from every walk (IIM, IIT,GRE, CAT, GATE, Etc.)
2 Individual  of any age, Managers & Owners 
3 Professionals, Executives, graduates and undergraduates 
4 Practitioners & HR 
5 Doctors & Engineers
6 Employees 
7 CA & CS 

We help genuinely just about every one using Career SWOT. Take opportunity to go for Career SWOT, that will bring you more success.

 Take Career SWOT Test

This is only a 30 minutes test, if you are away from the our institute or you can't reach us personally then follow the instruction as follows, Else visit the institute.

1 Download the test paper
2 Take printout
3 Fill your personal information
4 fill / Answer all the queries as per the instructions given
5 Re-evaluate the paper again
6 Use ball pen, do not use pencils
7 Incomplete document will not be entertained.
8 Your report will be sent within 20 days after receiving the documents.
9 Your email Id is required.
10 Send the Document with a DD of Rs. 350/- only (US $ 50) in favor of 'Success and Wellness Institute', and address to send is -

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It's a MASTER key for personal growth & way to an Contained life!