Partner's SWOT Analysis 
Know your partner, have great Understandin & companionship  


Partner is one who determines and contributes in your success. if you have right partner then you will have great companionship. We believe in one great fact that a right companion helps you to live contained life.

Do you know your partner completly? Does he/she contributing to your success?

SWOT is.... (Strength, Weaknesses, opportunities & Threats ) 
SWOT analysis at Success and Wellness Institute is an effective way of identifying your Strengths and Weaknesses, and of examining the Opportunities and Threats you face in the attainment of your goal, carrier, business or profession. 
This will help you to focus on your strengths, minimize weaknesses, and take the greatest possible advantage of opportunities available. 

The purpose of a SWOT is to actively promote the identified strengths, minimize weaknesses by planning them out of existence, exploit the opportunities before the window closes and have contingency plans in place to minimize threats before they materialize. 

The predictive capabilities of the technique come about from the consideration of your strengths and weaknesses in the context of the environment which is seen to present opportunities and threats. 

Benefits and Advantages of Partner's SWOT Analysis

There are lots of benefits and advantages of Partner's SWOT Analysis for your success and betterment, Few of them are as follows,

1 Develops strong relationship and understanding.
2 Know partna'ts limitations and strengths.
3 Know partner's mental & emotional traits.
4 eliminates problems, misconceptions & misunderstandings.
5 Decelops optimum trust and realibility. 
6 Changes perspective of thinking towards. 
7 Increases cooperation, empathy and support. 
8 Shapes and builds awesome decision making. 
9 Know his / her nature's hidden sides.
10 It give you an insight into your personality traits and preferences
11 Focuses your Attitudes, abilities, skills, capacities and capabilities. 
12 Develops commitments towards each-other. 

Advantages are perhaps  countless, It uncovers your every aspect that is related to your personal and professional life.


Partner's SWOT Analysis is helpful for

SWOT at The Success and Wellness Institute is Distinctive and committed to bring significant fulfillment to every area of your life and We help you uncover the fascinating capabilities, predispositions and talents you were born with. It is your gateway to creating a happy and rewarding life. It is helpful for.

1 Couples
2 Husband-wife 
3 Business partner 
4 Family Member
5 Friend / colleague
6 Employees
7 parent -child

We help genuinely just about every one using personality test. This is the MASTER key for personal growth & way to an Contained life!

Take opportunity to go for SWOT that will bring you more success.



 Take Partner's SWOT Analysis Test

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1 Download SWOT Analysis test paper
2 Take printout
3 Fill your personal information
4 fill / Answer all the queries as per the instructions given
5 Re-evaluate the paper again
6 Use ball pen, do not use pencils
7 Incomplete document will not be entertained
8 Your report will be sent within 20 days after receiving the documents.
9 Your email Id is required.
10 Send the Document with a DD of Rs. 350/- only (US $50.00) in favor of 

'The Success and Wellness Institute', payable at 'Bhusawal'

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It's a MASTER key for personal growth & way to an Contained life!