Understanding your partner / Life-partner, Business-partner, family members or friends in deeper levels, Remove misunderstandings, Misconceptions and other negative factors, Better understanding amongst both by considering level of thinking and personality pattern, Identifying hidden parts of his/her nature n character and behaving accordingly.
Identifying the type of temper, mental and emotional state, Enhances communication and removes flaws in it, Identifying and improving similarities that can create happy n healthy relationship, Build trust, loyalty, sincerity, harmony, empathy and affection on both sides.
Eliminating the reasons of intellectual differences and differences of opinions, Get aware about each-other’s sensitive, negative and weak factors, Balance the difference between thinking, behaving and acting, Improves mutual understanding and decision making.
Builds similarity on decision making in personal, professional, family and in Financial areas
Understanding the level of emotional maturity amongst each and enhancing the emotional well-being
Removes the causes of problems from the roots, Getting right direction for loving-positive-responsible relationship, And lot more………