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WHY US? Who we are to be telling you?

As part of our Employment Profiling / screening & employee selection, SWOT Assessments, Career Development & career counseling practice, we wrote and produced resumes for from fresher, employees to several  C.E.O.s and thousands of professionals in nearly every field of endeavor from many parts of the world.

Ok... and the charges of Resume writing?
We are providing the service at Introductory goodwill charge 

Rs. 350/- (with 4 updates, valid for 1 year only)




Advantages of our Resume writing

 1.   With our experience we Write a resume that generates results
 2.   Every resume we wrote becomes a one-of-a-kind marketing communication
 3.   With our service you get chance for successful development of your career
 4.   With our experience we write your resume to make the most of your qualification
 5.   We make your resume that helps you stand out as a superior candidate.
 6.   Resume we write makes the same impact & Assertion as all good ads do
 7.   Our service helps to pass the employer's screening process
 8.   Our Service establish you as a professional person with high standards

      And that's why we are the #1 choice of  individuals from across the world


Procedure to Send Documents

Here is the procedure......

1 You can either email us your details  or send us through post / courier


 Outstation people must send DD of Rs. 350/-   in favor of

 "The Success and Wellness Institute" payable at bhusawal - India.


3 Even if you email us the details DD must be sent by courier 
4 Our email : 
5 Address to send documents:


The Success and Wellness Institute,
4646, 1st floor, in front of Navashkti Arcade,
Jamner road, Bhusawal. pin- 425201, Ms. India.

6 Contact us for any queries. 

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 Terms & Conditions

Please go through the terms & Conditions before writing your resume. It is for all individuals.


You have to send all the details for resume including payment
2 All your information / details must be in English Language only
3 Hard copies will be provided to localities only, Soft copy in PDF format will be provided 
4 Only Soft copy through the email will be provided to outstation individuals.
5 You must have two email IDs 
6 Resume will be constructed as per your inputs & we are not responsible by any means if information provided by you is incorrect or wrong.
7 One year free support to edit your resume. we make maximum 4 edits. 
8 Allow us 10 days from the receipt of payment to prepare and dispatch your resume 
9 One year free support will be terminated if person seeks us repeatedly for multiple changes i.e. more than 4 times as mentioned in point 6.
10 Contact us if  you require more support.

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